Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Google Monopoly Logo - Part II
This is a quick re-thinking of the Monopoly logo, and i have tried to add more of the original
Monopoly aspects. I have also tried a dark orange tone, as it's my favorite section of the Monopoly board and also because it lends itself quite well to the overall design and provides a retro feel.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Google Monopoly Logo
Another one of those Google logo's, what can i say? apart from that there really enjoyable to do.
This one focuses on the anniversary of one of the greatest board games ever made, and one of the most
celebrated. Using the 'Income Tax' ring i have replaced the 'O' and on the lowercase 'g' i have introduced
the Monopoly Man.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Google Logo - Diwali
I thought i'de take advantage of my indian heritage and create a second Google focusing on
the indian festival of light, Diwali. I've created a rangoli pattern which takes the place of the
first 'o'. The hardest part when designing this logo was getting the indian god, Ganesh, looking
solid. After a few solid hours of work this was the final outcome.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sexy Pebbles Logo - Thought Process
I have recently been given the opportunity to design a logo for Sexy Pebbles, a female reggae & dancehall artist who is situated in Jamaica. This has been a very enjoyable project so far, and i am currently juggling with different ideas and thoughts. I have decided to upload a few of the ideas that i am developing. Most of my blog contains finished work, and i wanted to show more of my pencil and sketching work.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

MGS Google Logo - 2nd Draft
This is the 2nd draft of the Google logo, i have made quite a few notable changes, firstly,
i have changed the typing of 'Action' to 'Searching'. This provides for a more authentic feel
to the logo, striking a balance between google and mgs. I have also changed the wording of
'solid' to 'search' for the same reasons. Finally, i have neated up all the type with the help
of guidelines.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Google Logo - Summer Brief - 1st Draft
This summer we were given a brief to design a commemorative Google logo for any event or holiday
after juggling a few ideas (Diwali & World Cup) i settled with an idea around probably one of the
greatest games ever made, and my personal favourite. Metal Gear Solid.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Youth Seva Group Logo
As you can see, this logo is a redesign from the one below. The main changes that i have made
is that the ornate object is much smaller and it does not overpower the typography, i have also added
a small flueron at the very bottom of the object, which anchors the whole logo down.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Bhajan Logo
A bhajan in hinduism is any type of devotional song and is normally lyrical expressing love for the divine.
I was asked by a family friend to create a logo for there bhajan group. And i started by raiding my mother's small shrine. After finding a few eye-catching pieces, i started sketching ideas and i came up with this.

The typeface is called samarkan, which is aligned centered.

Friday, 28 May 2010

PDP Reviews - Page 3

Finally, on the post you can read reviews on the Inglorious Basterds poster, Saul Bass - Vertigo poster and Essential English for journalists, writers and editors.

PDP Reviews - Page 2

Reviews for the following - The Dandy Book - 1975, Banksy - Wall and Piece and 45 RPM a visual history of the seven-inch record.

PDP Reviews

Above are reviews for the following books related to design, A Bathing Ape, Art of Modern Rock and The Art of Looking Sideways.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Little Joy Website - Releases Page - Web & Motion Classes

This is the final page for the website, i'm sticking with the phrase "if it's not broken, don't fix it" throughout the whole design process. In my opinion the website is consistent with it's structure and colour scheme. I have tried to use colours that compliment each other very well, whilst still trying to stick with the bands two main colours (Light Blue and Dark Lilac. Typographically, i have used a thick script typeface, as it matches the whole 'retro' look i was trying to achieve.

Little Joy Website - Pictures page - Web & Motion Classes

A band website would not be complete without a pictures page, so ive created one for Little Joy. Again i have stuck with the same rectangular structure and colour scheme which closely sticks to 70's influence. The main difference with this page compared to the others, is that the watermark is now placed central and contains all band members.
Little Joy Hub Page - Web & Motion Classes

This is the second website page i have created using illustrator, as you can see i have stuck with colour theme which was used in the front page. For the tabs i have chosen a simple white, the main reason for this was its increase in both legibility and readability. On each page i have also added a watermark of the band members, which is purely down to its stylized feel.
Little Joy Website - Web & Motion Classes

We were asked to create a band website for this class, so i decided to steer away from the well known bands and opted to design a website for a band called Little Joy. i have tried to stick with a 70's theme throughout the website.

further parts of the website will posted shortly.

Sonnet Brief 2.

second part of the storyboard.

Sonnet Brief.

For this brief i created a storyboard, the reason being the difficulty of After Effects, as enjoyable as it is learning it, it does get quite stressful. The enjoyment of this brief came from many hours of reading Shakespeare Sonnets. The first half of this brief required us to create storyboards using one of Shakespeare sonnets and relating words to everyday things and surroundings.

Barcelona 2010

Back in February i made a trip to Barcelona with a group of friends. We were only there for a week, but in that week we covered all four corners of the city. The two highlights of the holiday for me was visiting the Camp Nou, i had always wanted to go as child, growing up watching FCB playing bitter rivals Real Madrid. And finally visiting and exploring Montserrat.

Metro Brief Storyboard.

I struggled with this brief because i didn't feel comfortable using Flash as i do with Illustrator, whilst struggling with software, i spoke to my tutor who then provided me with other possibilities. This is the outcome, i have created a storyboard showcasing my ideas and what each button can do. i have used a mix of digital media and hand drawn.
Friday Shindig Poster

I created this poster for a party Flat A3 in Cosmo were holding, i went for a traditional theme in terms of typography and the overall look of the poster. I decided to highlight important information in a vibrant colour to make it readable.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Above are a set of two postcards created in-conjunction with both the articles and posters. The postcards were inspired by football analysis & tactic boards, which can be seen with arrows showing player movement and passing. The top left postcard contains, who i believe to be the best players in in each position from defense to attack. The bottom right postcard shows the German national team player movement and passing.

World Cup Articles - Yoann Gourcuff

To differentiate my articles from the 1st - 10th, i have placed a star above the players rank which is similar to World Cup winning nations such as Brasil, Italy and England etc...

World Cup Articles.

here is one of my 10 articles which i have designed for my 2nd year brief, i have used a simple layout which uses a rectangular structure behind a grid. The rectangular structure was inspired by the early Panini Stickers which i have updated to look thicker and fuller. The centre of the article contains the main body of text which describes why i have chosen the player, his main attributes and talents.

This is the second poster, ive switched the colour and highlighted the 10 players which i believe will make an impact in South Africa.

Self Promotion Brief Posters.
The above posters were created for my final 2nd year brief which was based around self promotion, where each student had to create a message. With football being my greatest passion, i decided to link this design brief with football. My message for this project was directly linked with the upcoming 2010 World Cup, where i asked the question "Who will be the 10 best players in the World Cup". For this brief i created the above typographical posters and a set of 10 Articles on players from various national teams.