Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dedicated To Grassroots posters - Creative Review

Due to the quality of the work i have produced for my FMP, i decided to see if the posters would be able to get featured on websites and i started with one of the biggest creative magazines in the UK, Creative Review. And to my luck they both got featured! which i am very happy about.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Grassroots Latest - Medal Poster

For the second poster, i observed many objects and items that were synonymous with grassroots football and using my grassroots latest logo, i developed a medal poster to give off an overall triumphant feel and nature to the poster. compared to the previous poster, this poster remains very simple which is what i was looking for when designing the second poster

The posters have all also appeared on Creative Review on their Feed section and can be viewed on their site by following this link

Grassroots Latest - 'Dedicated To Grassroots' poster

Above is a poster i developed to coincide with my final major project. The overall inspiration for the poster was based on football tactical arrows which outline formation, movement and positioning of football players. I set out to create a typographical poster using these arrows to visualise the tagline for my magazine and i believe i have achieved this.

Grassroots Show - Graduation Show Invite

As a requirement for the End of Year Show taking place at The Hive, all students were asked to design and illustrate a word for the invite. Although adjectives were asked to be designed, i took the decision to design an invite which tells the viewer exactly what to expect when they see my exhibition.

I settled on the word 'Grassroots' and illustrated a very comic like football in action and this is able to add a dynamic feel to the invite. I will be tinkering with this design as i believe the motion lines of thefootball need a bit more white added to them.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Grassroots Latest Photography - Part II

The lighting on the day was brilliant and this allowed me to take shots with little
editing after they were taken and this was done using broth Lightroom and Photoshop.
The above examples are action shots that i was able to take and have been used for the magazine.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Grassroots Latest Photography Part I

Photography has been an essential part of the development of my grassroots magazine,
during mid February i was able to carve out an opportunity to photograph Moretonville F.C vs Scott Youth,
at Moretonville F.C's Buckinghamshire ground. These are a series of photographs that i took
and some have been used for the photo feature page and front cover.

Part I of III