Monday, 4 July 2011

Newspaper Clipping IV

Newspaper Clipping 4

Newspaper Clipping III

Newspaper clipping 3 for 'Once upon a bully' scrapbook

Newspaper Clipping II

Second newspaper clipping for the scrapbook

Newspaper Clippings, Part I

Newspaper Clipping layouts created using Indesign for the upcoming film 'Once Upon a Bully', which sets out to educate the public on the implications of certain actions to towards people. These clippings will form part of a scrapbook of one of the characters.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hexagon Typeface

This is the typeface I created to go alongside my final major project, to create the typeface I used the sides of a hexagon to create each character, the inspiration for this came from old football which used hexagon panels. The typeface was used to create the GRLM Football Crest Logo.
Stalin Mcdonalds Poster

This is the second poster which went alongside the video I created for the Mcdonalds brief for second year. This poster, although very striking tries to add a soft and gentle element to the way Mcdonalds advertise for children.

Mcdonalds Soviet Poster

Totally forgot that I hadn't uploaded my Mcdonalds project, for this project I decided to research and delve into the peoples republic due to the colours that are similar and the strong advertising.
Bape Exhibition Poster

Last month I posted an updated where I was re-touching my 1st year work and never really got round to uploading the finished piece due to exhibitions and moving houses. This poster was completed in a few hours and here it is in all it's glory.