Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sexy Pebbles Board

This is a board that i decide to nock up of the work that i have produced for Sexy Pebbles, i have provided the current logo which is done using a soft pink and purple shade and i have also provided the black and white version of the logo to show how it would work in a monotone shade.

Also included are the Business Card front and back panels. This is an on-going job and i expect to have more designs work coming through in the future for Sexy Pebble's identity.

United We Stand - Website Re-design II

Here are two more images of the website United We Stand fanzine website that i re-designed as you can see by observing the images, i have provided a more overall outlook for fans and this seen by the vector imagery of fan banners which you will find in various european stadiums on matchday. I have also tried to provide imagery which relates to football as a whole with scoreboards and typefaces used that resemble character forms found on scoreboards.

I wanted to include a rolling newsbar for this website which provides viewers snippets of information on a bitesize level.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

United We Stand - Website Redesign

This year at University, we were asked to re-design a magazine website, one that we thought had a poor overall design. I therefore decided to undertake the task of re-designing the popular fanzine website of United We Stand and my reasons were justified as the current website hold little or no content for viewers, it's colour scheme or lack of is very un-welcoming to new viewers and finally the website holds no direct link to Manchester United.

I therefore decided to add life into the website by using a colour-scheme which relates to United and one that immediately grabs the viewers attention.

Sexy Pebbles - Logo/Identity

I have been neglecting my Blogspot for quite a while now and the reason for this is because i have been uploading my work onto my Uni tumblr blog. But seeing as this is my personal blog i am going to be uploading to it more frequently. Starting with a freelance job that i got quite a while back now.

This is a Logo/Identity that i have produced for a up and coming female dancehall and reggae artist Sexy Pebbles. I wanted this logo to have a sleek look and feel and therefore i took the 'bling' approach with this one. The very top logo takes the form of a pebble and is to be used for the business cards, whilst the bottom logo is to be used for her overall identity.